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Family Ministries

Family Ministries at Kortright

Families play a huge role in raising up children to have a real and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. The family is the place where daily patterns are learned, and where faith comes alive. Parenting though can be fraught with twists and turns, with the unexpected and the frightening.

At Kortright we promise to walk beside you as a church community as you raise your child or children. Quarterly, we offer luncheons with an opportunity to explore various aspects of parenting, including faith development. This gives parents a chance to meet, support, challenge and connect with each other in a safe non-judgemental environment. Topics on the 2015/16 calendar include: Media: how much is too much? and Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to build lasting faith in your kids.

We are also always here to talk and pray with you about concerns and struggles and rejoice with you during times of celebration.

We are here to support families by building community for children and youth from birth to high school. Through Sunday school, summer programs, mid-week Junior and Senior youth programs, retreats, intentional mentoring, and leadership training the important business of building relationships, modeling Christian leadership and loving your kid(s) happens.

We hope you and your family find KPC a place where you feel accepted, supported, and comfortable to explore & grow in your faith.


Nursery is offered at both 9 and 11 AM services.

Sunday School:

Sunday school is offered at both Sunday services with a variety of programs geared to the various age groups. Full details are available on our Children's Page

Junior & Senoir Youth:

JR Youth- Quake- and SR Youth meet on Fridays. Full details are available on our Youth Page

Family Sundays:

Children are a valuable part of our church family, and need an opportunity to learn how to worship. This involves learning to settle their spirits in God's presence (see Psalm 131).

Periodically a worship service is designated as a Family Sunday, so that children older than nursery age join in worship in the sanctuary. Read more about Worshipping with Children

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