Marriage and Ordination

Kortright Presbyterian Church’s Position on Marriage and Ordination

A response to parallel definitions of marriage of
the Presbyterian Church in Canada

In June 2022, the highest court (governance body) of our denomination, the General Assembly, approved the following two changes to the doctrine of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC).

1) The Presbyterian Church in Canada holds two parallel definitions of marriage and recognizes that faithful, Holy Spirit filled, Christ centred, God honouring people can understand marriage as a covenant relationship between a man and a woman or as a covenant relationship between two adult persons.

That congregations, sessions, ruling, and teaching elders be granted liberty of conscience and action on marriage.

2) That congregations and presbyteries may call and ordain as ministers and elect and ordain as ruling elders LGBTQI persons (married or single) with the provision that liberty of conscience and action regarding participation in ordinations, inductions and installations be granted to ministers and ruling elders.

With respect to these two remits, the Session of KPC has decided to keep the definition of marriage as covenant relationship between a man and a woman and chosen not to call or ordain LGBTQI persons either as minister or ruling elders .

Subsequent to the approval of remits, General Assembly provided a complicated pathway for those desiring to withdraw from the PCC. In October 2022 Kortright’s Session discerned that Jesus is calling our congregation to remain within the PCC, as we adhere to the orthodox view of marriage and sexuality.

While we stand in historical continuity with definitions and practices, we acknowledge that the church has perpetrated injustice against the LGBTQ+ community and repent of that.

Session, staff and leaders of Kortright are continuing to reflect on the implications of these decisions and will communicate further.

Communication from the Session of Kortright Presbyterian Church January 11, 2023