Worship Teams

At its heart, worship is an act that encompasses every facet of our lives (Romans 12:1). Our very existence, when directed toward God, becomes a spiritual act of worship. The gathered body of Christ is a weekly culmination of this spiritual act of worship, where we join in community to retell the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Corporately, we worship through song, prayers of confession and intercession, the public reading of Scripture, the expounding of God’s Word, the act of communion, and by being sent out as the Kingdom of God – the hands and feet of Christ in the world. While this looks different in every church context, at Kortright we work hard to make these gatherings multi-generational, Spirit-led, and loosely liturgical. By “loosely liturgical”, we mean that we have a basic template, but we are flexible on certain aspects of it, so as not to be unnecessarily rigid.

We also work hard at choosing songs that are Scriptural, spiritually formative, and honour not only God, but both the young and old populations in our congregation. On an average Sunday, this may include a hymn, a newer song, and a few “tried and true” songs that KPC and the broader body of Christ has come to know and love.

If you’d like to talk to someone about being involved on a Worship Team at Kortright, please contact Justin Sytsma, Worship and Outreach Pastor, at 519-836-9400 ext 12 or justin@kortrightchurch.org.

We also strive for excellence in the technical aspects of worship at Kortright. Dedicated volunteers ensure the quality of not only the in-sanctuary experience, but also live online streaming through YouTube. Sound, video, and camera operators work together to make sure all can see and hear what God is doing in our midst, whether in the building, at home, or on the road. If you would like to talk to someone about being involved in this aspect of worship at Kortright, please contact our Technical Director, Dennis Gray, at dennis@kortrightchurch.org.