Adults and Small Groups

Here at KPC a Small Group is a voluntary, intentional gathering of three to twelve people who meet on a regular basis to pursue Christian spiritual growth and fellowship. Our small groups come in all shapes and sizes. We have mixed adults, men only, women only, young adults and family groups. Most groups meet in homes in the evening on a weekly basis, however, some meet during the day or evening at the church. Small groups are at the heart of our church and a vital way we help people grow in the faith.

We also hosted a Community Bible Study in the Spring, where many other small groups and church events paused for 4 weeks so that we could host this church-wide study. We had over 100 attendees and embraced our intergernerational church by creating diverse tables groups.

This past fall (2023) we introduced a new subscription service at KPC called Right Now Media. Through this service our congregation and Small Groups have access to over 20,000, that’s right, 20,000 video resources for growing in Christian faith, Bible Study, Family Issues, Children’s Resources and a whole lot more! Our prayer is that this service will make small groups easier to prepare for and lead giving us opportunity to expand our numbers increasing KPC’s contribution of mature Christians to society.

For more information on Small Groups contact:  To investigate what Right Now Media has to offer you can explore that resource at:


Join One

Simply fill out a Small Group Interest Form here or sign up at the Welcome Desk after the service. You can let us know your preferences and someone will contact you once we receive your request.

Lead One

Your role would be to facilitate a small group biblically based discussion. This requires an investment of at least two hours per week in preparation, and connecting with your group members. You will be expected to attend an initial leadership training workshop and periodic Coaching Huddles along with other group leaders. If you are interested in this role, fill out a Small Group Leader’s Interest Form and someone will contact you with additional information.

For more information about Small Groups, please contact the office, at 519-836-9400 or