Interim Moderator Update #2

Members and Friends of KPC,
Interim Moderator Update #2, September 3, 2023
The best news to share with the congregation is that we have named the Profile Team and gathered to begin our task of setting forth the congregational desires for our next Lead Pastor. Lead me begin by introducing you to the Profile Team Members: Eric Goforth, Claire Lovero, Clement Kurnia, Aby Buckle, Rick Schnurr, Janet Wright-Smit, Ken Philipps and myself. We have a very diverse group in terms of KPC experience, work and life experience as well as a desire to serve the church in this capacity. It has already proven exciting to get together so we’re anticipating a very good recruiting document that represents our church’s vision and needs well.
Second, this summer has been a terrific experience with our summer students employed by KPC under the direction of Justin Sytsma. The three students have made a tremendous contribution to the life and mission of the congregation in three unique areas by utilizing their training and gifts. We are so grateful that employment grants through the Presbytery of Waterloo and residuals from the Cooke’s Church Fund have allowed us to provide this employment. Our students: Chris Macleod (garden management), Annabelle Edward (outreach through media), and William Isaak (systems operator and videography/editor) are to be congratulated for their contributions. We hope to publicly acknowledge them in a service this fall.
The work of our staff during the vacancy has been an extra-ordinary blessing to KPC. As interim moderator it is my privilege to share with you how gifted our staff truly are. They accepted the additional burden of preaching more frequently without seeking to lessen their other responsibilities and to date they’ve delivered. Both Allison and Justin have given us excellent preaching that’s thoughtful, challenging and presented with good rhetorical skills. Our support staff have continued to develop youth, children programs and try new opportunities over the past quarter that will sow seeds for our future. Kiera and Alyssa are working in tandem to offer a progressive path for our younger generation that we pray will keep their interest focused on KPC for years to come. Chelsea remains a wonderful first contact presence for our church who is such a helpful and welcoming person who many comment they feel so comfortable dealing with. In short we’re blessed to have good staff who are stepping up and carrying the extra load that occurs during a vacancy.
Since I last shared an update with you there have been a number of changes around the church building as well. Betty Ross has done a great work in the relocating of the library which is now in a cheery location right off the main hall. Stop in and have a look, the books are now arranged in an orderly fashion by subject and signing them out is easier than ever. This change necessitated Justin and Allison moving their offices and some swift redecorating! Thanks to our maintenance men this was handled swiftly and efficiently (Doug Hayes, Fred Schuett, and Les Ferrier were constantly around the church). We saw our young people working alongside running up their hours to pay down the gaga ball installation.
GAGA BALL-that reminds me don’t forget to check the thermometer outside Alyssa and Keira’s office its climbing, but our youth need more “odd jobs” to put them over the top. So if you need leaves raked, or things cleaned up around the yard… we have some eager workers available. Just call the office or Email Alyssa at
You may have heard that this week September 3rd we are opening our branch of the Guelph Foodbank. Justin has put a ton of work into this project and we are so excited to see the doors are finally opening this week. If you have a sense of calling to this ministry and would like to volunteer working in the Food Bank contact Justin he’ll ensure you’re properly trained and get you involved.
Finally, Allison has done some great creative work alongside her volunteer actors, and William to make a series of videos advancing our vision this fall. For those who need a reminder that’s: ROOTED in Jesus, GROWING as a community, BECOMING trusted neighbours. These video clips will be featured at the beginning of worship each week and will assist us in understanding more fully what our engagement with the vision statement looks like as it unfolds.
If this makes you think we have been blessed by God and these are exciting times at KPC, I’m with you! In fact I’m so with you that I’ve been praying lately that the LORD would sustain me in this time with the energy, the faithfulness, and the love of this church that is necessary to assist KPC to blossom into the body God intends her to be.