This policy is in place to encourage and support KPC youth who seek to learn, develop and serve in camp ministry for the summer.
The camp must be a CRA registered charity. It must be a Biblically based camp where:
a) Christian faith is promoted.
b) A personal relationship with Jesus is acknowledged and supported.
c) Shares KPC values.

Applicants must be 14 to 19 years old (in that calendar year). They will use the ST01 (Seasonal Mission) form to apply (which includes requirements of activity at KPC, pastoral reference and waivers)
Leadership in Training (LIT) candidates will be provided $500 for one summer only.
Counsellors, Support staff (e.g. kitchen, maintenance) will be provided with the following:
4 to 5 weeks: $250.
6 to 8 weeks: $500.

Adults seeking to serve at a camp for a portion of a summer period will be assessed under Seasonal Missions.